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Services Offered

Interior Redesign


Using your furnishings and accessories, we update and rearrange designated rooms. Recommendations are made if additional home items are needed. Items can be purchased from Studio 1019 inventory, or we can shop with and for you.

Complimentary 30 minute Consultation

$100 per hour

Color Consult

Choice of three paint colors to update existing space. 

$150 for 1 Hour Consultation

Home Staging


Furnished Home

We stage furnished homes, strategically editing furniture and accessories for optimal resale value.

During staging process, if the determination is made for newer or updated furnishings, homeowner may lease Studio 1019 accessories.

$100 per hour


Vacant Home Staging

We can provide partial furnishings with Studio 1019 accessories and/or rented furniture.

$100 per hour with 4 hour minimum

Verbal Staging Report

A 60 to 90 minute verbal report of recommendations for the homeowner who is confident in their DIY ability to stage, but requires a professional eye for curb appeal, patio ideas, and more. Includes thorough inspection of the entire house, an easy to follow list of ideas and suggestions, and updating recommendation such as carpet, wallpaper countertops, and fixtures.

$150 for 60 to 90 minute Consultation

Move Management

Stage existing home and space planning for a new home.

$100 per hour

**All Payments Due Upon Receipt of Signed Contract**

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